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Class 35 (Hymek)

2D-018-004 - Class 35 - BR Green (Small Yellow Panels)
2D-018-004 - Class 35 - BR Green (Small Yellow Panels)

The one hundred and one strong Class 35 "Hymek" B-B Type Class 3 Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives were built by Beyer Peacock between 1961-64. The locomotives were used mainly on secondary passenger and freight duties, final withdrawals were made in 1975.

Ref No Year Livery Running No/Name
2D-018-001 2014 BR Blue [FYE]  D7061  
2D-018-002 2014 BR Blue [FYE] [W] D7026  
2D-018-003 2014 BR Green [SYP]  D7013  
2D-018-004 2014 BR Green [SYP] [W] D7024  
2D-018-005 2014 BR Green [SYP]  D7072  
Dummy Loco
2D-018-006 2014 BR Blue [FYE]  D7035  
Dummy Loco
2D-018-007 2017 BR Two Tone Green  D7003  
2D-018-008 2017 BR Two Tone Green [SYP]  D7043  
2D-018-009 2017 BR Chromatic Blue [SYP]  D7007  
No White Window Surrounds
2D-018-010 2017 BR Chromatic Blue [SYP]  D7036  
ND084A 2007 BR Green  D7066  
ND084B 2007 BR Green  D7008  
ND084C 2007 BR Green [FYE]  D7023  
ND084D 2007 BR Blue  D7011  
ND084E 2008 BR Blue  D7099  
Only available in Set with 6 Weathered Milk Tanks
ND084F 2008 BR Green  D7018  
ND084G 2008 BR Green  D7093  
ND084H 2009 BR Green  D7083  
ND084J 2009 BR Green  D7057  
ND084M 2011 BR Green  D7042  
Dummy Loco
ND084P 2012 BR Green [SYP]  D7084  
ND084Q 2012 BR Blue  D7005  
ND084R 2012 BR Blue  D7011  
Dummy Loco
ND084Y 2008 BR Chromatic Blue  D7036  
Kernow Limited Edition
ND084Z 2009 BR Green  D7048  
Dapol Club Limited Edition Only available in Set with 5 Weathered NCB Hoppers
ND084Z 2008 BR Green  D7017  
Kernow Limited Edition
ND132 2010 BR Green  D7071  
Dummy Loco - Described as ND084N in Catalogue