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Fifty SR CCT Utiliy Vans were built in 1938 and remained in service into the early 1980s.

NB008 - SR CCT - BR Blue
NB008 - SR CCT - BR Blue
Ref No Year Livery Running No/Name
2F-047-002 2013 BR Maroon  M527402  
2F-047-003 2013 BR Blue  S2514S  
2F-047-004 2013 Red  527467  
2F-047-006 2013 BR Maroon  M527051  
2F-047-007 2013 BR Blue  S2522S  
2F-047-008 2013 SR Green  S2394S  
2F-047-009 2021 SR Green  S2413S  
2F-047-010 2021 BR Maroon  M527047  
2F-047-012 2021 BR Blue  S2536S  
NB003 2004 SR Green  S2380S  
NB004 2004 BR Maroon  M527402  
NB007 2004 SR Green  S2385S  
NB008 2004 BR Blue  S2514S  
NB013 2005 SR Green  S2394S  
NB014 2005 BR Maroon  M527467  
NB015 2005 SR Green  S2388S  
NB022 2005 SR Green  S2396S