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Ten 1-Car Class 128 Diesel Parcel Units were built by BR in 1959 for the Midland and Western Regions. There were difference between the regions units but they survived in Post Office Red until mid-1990s.

N-128-55992A - Class 128 - Royal Mail
N-128-55992A - Class 128 - Royal Mail
Ref No Year Livery Running No/Name
N-128-55987A  2023 BR Green  M55987
Plain Ends
Centre Headcode
N-128-55990A  2023 BR Blue  M55990
Full Yellow Ends Centre Headcode
N-128-55991A  2023 BR Blue  W55991
Full Yellow Ends Split Headcode
Corridor Connection
N-128-55992A  2023 Royal Mail  55992
Full Yellow Ends Corridor Connection
N-128-55993A  2023 Royal Mail  55993
Full Yellow Ends Plated Corridor Connection
N-128-55994A  2023 BR Green  W55994
Plain Ends
Split Headcode
Corridor Connection
N-128-55994X  2023 Express Parcels  55994
Two-tone Blue
Red Bodyside Stripe