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The two Class 41 "HST prototype" Bo-Bo Diesel Electric Power Cars were built by British Rail in 1972. Testing and passenger trials finished in October 1976 and the units were returned to Derby amd went into departmental stock. In 1985 41001 was sent to the NRM, 41002 was sold for scrap and cut-up in 1990.

2D-027-002 - Class 41 - Prototype HST (Full Yelow Ends)
2D-019-002 - Class 41 - Prototype HST (Full Yelow Ends)
Ref No Year Livery Running No/Name
2D-027-001  2020 Prototype HST  41001+41002
2-Car Prototype HST Set
2D-027-002  2020 Prototype HST  975812+975813
2-Car Prototype HST Set Full Yellow Ends