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Just under a hundred Post Office Sorting Vans (POS) were built from 1959-77, the later ones were coach converstions, they remained in service until 2004 when the traffic ceased. Many remain in preservation.

374-900 - POS - Royal Mail
374-900 - POS - Royal Mail
Ref No Year Livery Running No/Name
374-900 2010 Royal Mail  80305  
374-901 2010 Royal Mail  W80300  
With working side lights
374-901A 2013 Royal Mail  W80301  
With working side lights
374-901B 2016 Royal Mail  SC80315  
374-902 2010 BR Blue/Grey  M80300  
374-902A 2016 BR Blue/Grey  E80304  
374-903 2010 Royal Mail  80300  
Also included in set 370-130