Charting the world of Post-1948 British Diesel-Era Ready-to-Run models....

BACHMANN > Freight > Barrier Vehicles
RBA Barrier Van RNA Barrier Wagon  
BACHMANN > Freight > Bogie Bolsters
Bolster B Bolster C BDA Bolster
BACHMANN > Freight > Bogie Containers
FIA Intermodals Freightliner Flats  
20ft & 40ft Containers 45ft Containers  
BACHMANN > Freight > Bogie Hoppers
HHA Hopper HTA Hopper HYA Hopper
JGA Hopper JMA Hopper MBA Megabox
MOA Megabox MXA Box Polybulk Hopper
YGA Hopper    
BACHMANN > Freight > Bogie Steel Carriers
BAA Steel Coil Carriers BRA Steel Carriers  
BACHMANN > Freight > Bogie Tankers
JPA Tankers TEA Tankers  
BACHMANN > Freight > Brake Vans
20T Brake Vans Bogie Brake Vans  
BACHMANN > Freight > Departmental Wagons
YAA Bolster ZAA Opens ZDA Opens
ZDV Opens    
BACHMANN > Freight > Flat Wagons
BACHMANN > Freight > Hoppers Open
24T Iron Ore Hoppers CEA Hoppers HAA Hoppers
HEA Hoppers HFA Hoppers HSA Hoppers
PGA Hoppers    
BACHMANN > Freight > Powder Hoppers
Presflo Hoppers COVHOP Hoppers PCA Hoppers
PCA Metalair Hoppers PCA 'V' Hoppers  
BACHMANN > Freight > Opens Steel
MEA Opens MFA Opens OCA Opens
POA Opens Steel Open SPA Opens
BACHMANN > Freight > Opens Wooden
OAA Opens OBA Opens OCA Opens
Pipe Opens Plank Sided Opens UCV China Clay Opens
BACHMANN > Freight > Tank Wagons
TTA Tanks    
BACHMANN > Freight > Vans
Cattle Vans Fruit Vans Insulated Vans
Meat Vans VBA Box Vans Ventilated Vans
VGA Sliding Wall Vans    
BACHMANN > Freight > Miscellaneous Wagons
Carflat A FNA Nuclear Waste JJA Auto Ballaster