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Class 42 (Warship)

371-600A - Class 42 - BR Maroon (Small Yellow Panels)
371-600A - Class 42 - BR Maroon (Small Yellow Panels)

The thirty-eight Class 42 "Warship" B-B Type Class 4 Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives were built by British Rail at Swindon between 1958-61. The locomotives were used on mainline passenger duties and freight. The non-standard locomotives were withdrawn in 1972.

Ref No Year Livery Running No/Name
370-070 2014 BR Green [NWP]  D829  Magpie
Only available in Set - DCC Fitted loco
371-600 2008 BR Maroon [SYP]  D817  Foxhound
371-600A 2010 BR Maroon [SYP]  D823  Hermes
371-601 2008 BR Blue [FYE]  D822  Hercules
371-601A 2010 BR Blue [FYE]  D827  Kelly
371-602 2008 BR Green [SYP]  D814  Dragon
371-602A 2010 BR Green [SYP]  D819  Goliath
371-603 2008 BR Maroon [FYE]  D815  Druid
371-603A 2010 BR Maroon [FYE]  D829  Magpie
371-604 2015 BR Green [SYP]  D832  Onslaught
371-605 2015 BR Blue [FYE] [W] 810  Cockade