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Class 14

372-950 - Class 14 - BR Green
372-950 - Class 14 - BR Green

Fifty-Six 0-6-0 40MPH Diesel-Hydraulic Shunters were built at Swindon Works between 1964-65. They were designed for shunting and short trip working, however, by the time they were completed this work was diminishing. All had been removed from service by 1970, many moving into industrial usage.

Ref No Year Livery Running No/Name
370-255 2011 NCB Blue  NCB No7  
Only available in set
372-950 2010 BR Green [WS]  D9555  
372-951 2010 BR Green [WS] [W] D9523  
372-952 2010 BR Blue [WS]  14029  
372-953 2012 BR Green [WS] [W] D9526