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Latest News

June 2017

Revolution Trains has released plans to produce the IZA Cargowaggon twin ferry van

May 2017

C-Rail has announced production of the KQA/KTA Pocket Wagon.

Jan 2017

The N Gauge Society has announced the prodution of a range of RTR Hunslet Shunters with manufacture from Farish. An initial range of 15 versions is suggested with these being reduced based on orders.

Nov 2016

Revolution Trains announce HOA Stone Hopper at Warley.

Oct 2016

Revolution announce progress on the Class 92 Electric.

Oct 2016

DJ Models announce progress on the Class 92 Electric.

Sep 2016

Revolution Trains also announced at TINGS a joint project with C-Rail to produced the 40ft HiCube Container

Sep 2016

Revolution Trains announced at TINGS that the Class B fuel tanker is to be produced in Single and Triple Packs

Jul 2016

The N Gauge Society announced at its AGM the production from Farish of the Carflat A wagons. Six variations of livery/bogies are planned with a production date of July 2017 ready for the 50th Anniversary of the NGS.